Sea-Storm Laminated Glass


What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass adds a high quality protective layer inside two pieces of glass, to reduce the risk of you and your loved ones being hurt by shattered, storm damaged glass.  Laminated glass is especially important if your home is located in a coastal area where storms are prevalent.  There are many other benefits to choosing laminated glass for your new windows including added UV protection for your fine furnishings, carpet and curtains; additional impact resistance in the cases of storms such as hurricanes, tornadoes and large thunderstorms; and increased noise reduction. Double paned glass with Sea-Storm reduces noise pollution even further, increasing the overall quietness in your home. 


Is laminated glass safe?

Laminated windows are considered extremely safe as they do not shatter easily and prevent damage from flying objects. Laminated glass windows can protect you from small explosions and they're considered highly effective in preventing home theft since they require a great deal of additional force to break. For homes in highly noisy environments, laminated windows can also provide a higher level of soundproofing making for a quieter home for you and your family.

Unlike tempered glass which requires a chemical be applied to the glass, laminated glass is a layer attached to two pieces of glass that bond them together creating a barrier between you and the outdoor elements. While tempered glass is created to make the glass easier to shatter during the case of an emergency, laminated glass adds protection to windows in storm prone areas, in order to minimize the chances of injury if the glass is hit or breaks due to nature's fierce storms.

How to get the most from laminated glass.

Most of the noise reduction properties experienced with laminated glass comes from the dead air space between two panes of the laminate. If windows are installed without the benefit of these air spaces, then the noise reduction properties are greatly reduced, so it is recommended that double pane glass be selected when choosing to install laminated glass in new windows. 


Sea-Storm Glass is really efficient. 

NT Windows with Sea-Storm laminated glass are ENERGY STAR Qualified for coastal regions.  To get the most from your new windows with Sea-Storm glass, it's recommended to select double pane windows for the application.