EnviroSeal nXt™ is the energy-efficient, warm-edge glass spacer of the future. The energy efficiency of a window can be measured by the amount of heat conducted through its materials. EnviroSeal nXt™ contains no metal, therefore it conducts less energy to improve the edge of glass temperature by as much as 16.6° F when compared to other spacer systems. EnviroSeal nXt™ will keep your energy costs low by keeping heat out during the summer and keeping  heat in during the winter. By regulating the transfer of heat, EnviroSeal nXT makes your home more comfortable year around.


P-1 Testing

The P-1 test is considered to be the world’s toughest durability test.  All units are put in hot boxes and are continuously exposed to 140°F/60°C, 95-100% humidity and constant UV bombardment.  Each week of testing is equivalent to one year of actual field use.

As you can see, Super Spacer sealed with hot-melt butyl far outperforms other single and dual seal spacing systems.  EnviroSeal nXt™ units far surpass what is considered to be acceptable field performance standards. Windows built with EnviroSeal nXt™ exhibits the lowest failure rates in the industry – virtually zero.