Arbor or Gazebo? Which is right for your backyard project?

Create a beautiful outdoor oasis with timeless appeal by adding the perfect garden accent. An arbor, also called a pergola, or gazebo might be just what you’re looking for. With many styles and configurations to choose from, space design is an important factor to consider when it comes to meeting your backyard needs.


What’s your preference?

Of course your backyard structure pick is a matter of personal preference, but when it comes to gazebos and arbors, which do you find most visually appealing? What shape do you like most – round, square or rectangular? Does a closed or open roofing system work better for you? What’s the best spot in the yard for your new outdoor accent? Finding these answers will help you plan and evaluate the best choice for your outdoor space.


Gazebos vs. Arbors

Whether you’re familiar with the official names or not, you’ve seen both in prom, wedding or graduation photos. Gazebos and arbors offer the perfect backdrop for gatherings, special occasions and just a simple spot to relax. The main difference between a gazebo and an arbor is first visual – roofing, shape and configuration. No matter which you choose both can add a stylish look to any setting.


Gazebos are usually open on all sides – and sometimes you may find that there are screened-in options available. While traditional gazebos have been made of wood, today’s vinyl products can offer all of the beauty, performance, and function – while giving homeowners a low maintenance backyard escape. These are designed to stand up to the elements requiring virtually no maintenance by you.


Arbors are known to have post or pillars supporting a cross beam. Its open lattice welcomes sunshine and is perfect for climbing vines. The lattice on top not only provides a beautiful design and architectural element, but it also provides plenty of shade on warmer days. In the past wood was the typical medium used but today there are many lower maintenance options such as vinyl.  Typically, you can get them in a variety of colors, woodgrains and custom sizes.


Arbors are typically available as standalone or can be configured to link multiple structures together. Roses and vines can be planted to overtake its trellised or latticed sides and top, giving your space a flow of natural beauty. Many arbors are big enough to accommodate benches, chairs, hot tubs and many other patio products – making your custom space perfect for entertaining family and friends or for just enjoying the beauty of the outdoors in solitude. For more information on our custom Arbors simple click here.


Enjoy beauty and distinction

Whether you go for a gazebo or arbor, you can add ambiance with lighting. For an added touch, string, solar or lantern lights can create a relaxing vibe. Pair with the soothing sounds of wind chimes and a water feature, it’ll be hard to keep the guests away.

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