What is Kid Safe?


Kid Safe LogoAccording to the Consumer Product Safety Commission any product that is “intended for the use of children under 12” must comply with new rigorous standards, for the amounts of lead allowed. Standards had been 600 Parts Per Million for the last 30 years. These safety standards have now dropped to 90 PPM as of August 14, 2009.

Metal/Zinc hardware traditionally used on windows contains 500 PPM therefore it is non-compliant with the new standards. If your window hardware doesn’t meet these Levels, then the product should not be considered KID SAFE.  The locks and latches on all NT Window products can carry the Kid Safe mark because of our commitment to providing safe, lead free products for you and your family to enjoy.

Why is Lead Bad?

Lead mimics calcium in the body and deposits into thebones to be later used when needed by the brain. Children are most at harm due to their small size and growing bodies. The EPA ranks Lead as #2 under most toxic substances, only being beaten out by Arsenic. Asbestos is number 78. Lead has been known to cause brain damage, death, Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disorders, and Dyslexia.

NT Window Biomaxx lead free window locks

Biomaxx Composite Locks

Biomaxx is a durable non-corrosive, marine grade material that is 50% stronger than its zinc counterparts. In addition to its inherent strength, this safe and innovative hardware is also LEAD FREE.

Our Biomaxx Composite Locks actually contain 0 PPM of lead making the window hardware on every NT Window product truly KID SAFE. It's innovations like these that make NT Window products safe for you and your family and better for the environment.