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Green Windows Give Back

After we produce our products there is always extra material left as a result. We find that this gives us a great opportunity to recycle the remaining materials so that they may be used in making other useful products for consumers. Whether its recycled glass, aluminum, vinyl scrap, paper, plastic or cardboard we know that in manufacturing, incorporating recycled materials require substantially less energy than using original materials, thereby further reducing the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Green Windows and Lean Manufacturing

NT Window recognizes that waste comes from a variety of sources.  That’s why we’ve adopted a lean manufacturing policy.  Our windows are manufactured in a facility that carefully monitors over-production, inventory flow, defects, over-processing, customer wait time, and its employees’ workflow in order to eliminate waste.  Careful assessment of the manufacturing process combined with implementing lean manufacturing ideas with suppliers has helped NT Window as a company - achieve recognition for our lean manufacturing practices.


Green Windows Utilize Green Technology

Even today in the United States there are still many homes that still have single-pane windows.  Single-pane windows just aren’t nearly as effective at preserving energy compared with their dual-paned counterparts.  In fact, inefficient glass not only contributes up to 35 percent of energy wasted in buildings, but up to 10 percent of total carbon emissions in the United States per year!  A switch to dual-paned windows can reduce heating bills by up to 34 percent and cooling bills up to a whopping 38 percent.


Our windows with Super Spacer®, however, do even more than your run-of-the-mill dual-paned window.  We are proud to offer both HealthSmart and SustainaView technology which are integral in the design of our windows.  SustainaView technology is a dual-seal system that lasts up to 5 times longer than single-seal systems.  HealthSmart technology incorporates a perimeter edge moisture vapor seal with a structural adhesive that eliminates condensation in window panes.  Condensation is the harbinger of molds, fungus, viruses, and mites that are detrimental to a person’s respiratory health.  Together, these two technologies merge to create the world’s most perfect window, promoting both green and healthy living.


The Delivery of Green Windows

Because of the incredible longevity of windows utilizing the Super Spacer® system it is probable that after installation you will never need new windows again.  Longer lasting windows= fewer windows wasting away in landfills (because some people don’t realize they can recycle windows!)  NT Window is completely devoted to being a environmentally responsible company, reducing our carbon footprint in every way we find possible.  Deliveries are carefully pre-planned in order to maximize cost and delivery efficiency.  Our packaging is made of recycled products and our brochures and informational materials are made from FSC certified paper.


Super Star Windows are Recognized as Green Windows

NT Window is widely recognized as a company dedicated to green technology and innovation.  NT Window is a proud member of the Green Business Bureau, a program developed to “address both the financial and environmental benefits of sustainability for SMBEs.”  In 2009, after applying for two separate grants in our efforts to increase production efficiencies by using the principles of “lean manufacturing, NT Window was awarded a $20,000 grant and a $10,000 grant for Lean Practices.  The grants were awarded by TMAC.  Our windows with our high performance glass packages are ENERGY STAR qualified, and NT Window is a dedicated ENERGY STAR partner.


A Green Window is a Super Spacer Window!

Cutting-edge technology, a commitment to a comprehensively green business practice, and lean manufacturing practices make our windows which utilize Super Spacer some of the greenest windows on the market.  While other window manufacturers might talk about “energy-efficient” windows, NT Window is proud to offer you our windows in the only color that really counts: GREEN.