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Our windows, made with Edgetech’s flagship product,
Super Spacer®, not only utilize the most efficient insulating technology to date, but are manufactured using quality, recycled materials where applicable.  In addition, our production team takes care to cut unnecessary waste across the board, from our document managing system to our packaging solutions allowing us to support our green standards throughout the entire manufacturing process.


As mentioned in keeping with our committment to environmental responsibility, our document management system utilizes special software that allows all data to be archived digitally.  Not only does digital archiving cut out waste, it eliminates rummaging through jam-packed file cabinets!


Think of all of the windows installed in various structures in the course of one year: new homes, sky-rises, office parks, healthcare facilities…  Energy-efficient windows are the best way to reduce any individual building’s carbon footprint.  However, if the windows aren’t made responsibly, doesn’t that negate the positive effects provided by their efficiency?  The truth is, energy-efficient windows are not always green windows!


Green Windows Utilize Material Optimization

Our manufacturing process ensures that we use the most of every material, creating less waste and environmental impact.  Our system optimizes every piece of material in order to increase efficiency, decrease waste, and to provide our customers with the highest-quality, earth-friendly products.


Not only do our windows use some recycled materials, but we have initiated a recycling program targeted at dealers to help them discard old windows they have replaced.  These old windows are broken down for parts and are reborn into other useful products made for many uses. To find out more about what NT Window does to manufacture windows that are respectful of the enviornment we all thrive in - Click here.