NO BS (Bait & Switch) Commitment

NO BS (Bait & Switch) Commitment

When is a deal, not a deal?

Unfortunately, due to rampant BAIT & SWITCH tactics used by some companies, many homeowners have learned the hard way how to figure out what type of deal is a fair one. All of us at NT Window stand behind the fact that every deal should be clear and fair for the consumer. That’s why we hold firm to a No BS Commitment, extending only clear and fair offers to our customers.

What is Bait & Switch?

When a cheap price is used to lure homeowners into a barrage of a la carte add on options in order to bring a lower quality inefficient product up to minimum energy efficiency standards. For example, a company advertises new windows at a low price of $187. This low price is used to lure unsuspecting homeowners to contact the dealer for an estimate, only the customer finds out later that the low window price does not include even the most basic energy efficient features needed for the windows to be ENERGY STAR Qualified and energy saving. When purchasing new windows and doors it’s important to know what to ask so that you won’t be taken advantage of during the sales process. NT Window is committed to educating consumers about this dishonest industry practice.

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