Enjoy Worry Free Operation and Peace of Mind with a Lifetime Limited Warranty backed by NT.

Our pledge of satisfaction includes a limited transferable warranty on windows, including glass, hardware and screen components. And, by adding our optional Glass Breakage Warranty – you can rest easy when your little slugger releases his first fastball.

What’s Covered?

Hardware & Parts | Insulated Glass Unit | Screen | Window Frame & Sash

See printed warranty for full details.


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Breakage Warranty

Current NT Window Warranty

For purchases after April, 2 2024

Archived Warranty

For purchases:  May 2012 – April 2, 2024

Archived Warranty

For purchases prior to: 1990 – Jan. 1 1996
April 10, 2010 – April  2012

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You Will Need Your Order Number (MFG Ref Number), Please Find the Instructions Below to Locate it on Your Windows.

When submitting a claim for warranty service please take note that you will need information form the manufacturing label located on the window. Follow three easy steps to retrieve the information you need for service.

Open the operating sash on the window to locate the label.
Next locate the manufacturing label on the sash.
Retrieve the following information from the label: Production Date, Dealer Name, Order #, Line Item#, Series and PO#.