Hurricane Resistant Impact Window

Hurricane Impact Window

Storm Ready, High Performance Windows

Your home is as unique as you are and the way you live in it reflects what you value and enjoy most. And, when you’re considering replacing the windows in your home you must consider the overall investment and what that will give you and your family in return. Each window we manufacture is carefully custom made to meet your specifications.

Experience greater home protection with our impact resistant window products. Our multi-chamber frames, heavy-duty hardware and impact resistant glass panels act as your first line of defense against the weightiest storms. They can also reduce heat transmission and lower energy bills year-round while increasing the overall value of your home. Plus, you can skip unsightly shutters or plywood that may take hours to install.

Window Testing & Performance

Our 1800 Series Impact Resistant Windows will provide an additional layer of safety in the event storm debris hits the glass, as the damaged glass will remain secure in the frame to keep your home and loved ones safe.

As you can imagine, hurricane windows must meet specialized standards. As such, they undergo rigorous testing before they can be marketed and sold. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) performs these tests by subjecting glass to projectiles and wind pressure guidelines.


Impact windows protect your home in many ways including:

  • protecting your home from flying debris and wind
  • providing added noise insulation
  • blocking UV rays that can damage your home furnishings
  • providing an additional level of security against intruders

As tested by independent third-party laboratories, our windows meet or exceed building code standards for:

Air infiltration
Small and large missile impact protection
Structural integrity
Water resistance
Residential intruder protection
View this video to learn the difference between Standard Annealed, Tempered and Laminated Glass.


The long-term benefits for homes in coastal areas makes impact window protection worth the investment.
These windows can help protect your family, your home and provide additional peace of mind during
hurricane season and all year long for that matter.

Impact Test

ASTM 1996 is the Impact portion and is designed to simulate the window being impacted by windborne debris during a hurricane.  The test uses an air cannon to fire an 8’ long 2×4 weighing ~9lbs at the window at a speed of ~50 ft/second (~35 MPH).  This is what is referred to as a Type D missile and is the most difficult type of impact test to pass.
There is a test that allows for a Type C missile that is only ½ the size and weight of the Type D, but we test to the harder one as there are areas along the U.S. Coastlines where you must have Type D missile performance.  The window must withstand impact without deglazing, and in the case of operable windows, must still be operable after impact.

Pressure Cycling Test

ASTM 1886 is the Pressure portion of the test.  After impact, the window is tested for 9000 cycles of pressure, 4500 negative pressure and 4500 positive pressure, applied to the window in 3 second bursts designed to imitate the buffeting winds present in hurricane conditions without deglazing and without the sash coming out of the frame, in the case of operable windows.
The pressures applied to the window are of increasing strength up to the maximum design pressure for the window.

Customizable Style, Performance and Beauty Options Include:

  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Shapes
  • Grid styles, colors, and patterns
  • High-performance Low-E
    Available in 366 & 340 Cardinal Glass