Super Spacer

Super Spacer

The energy efficiency of a window can be measured by the amount of heat that is conducted through its materials. It’s important that your windows have a spacer system that’s built to last and save you on energy bills.

Spacer Systems are Important

Super Spacer®, contains no metal, therefore it conducts less energy to improve the edge of glass temperature by as much as 16.6° F when compared to other spacer systems.

Super Spacer will keep your energy costs low by blocking heat out during the summer and keeping heat in during the winter.

By regulating the heat and cold, Super Spacer helps eliminates those wild temperature swings making your home more comfortable year round.

Health Smart Windows Provide You With Added Protection Against Condensation

By selecting NT Windows with our high performance glass system with Super Spacer, you’re taking steps to protect your family and your home against window condensation.

Excessive window condensation can contribute to mold growth deep inside window and wall openings.  Mold growth has been linked to childhood asthma, increased respiratory illness, allergies and more.

These added benefits are standard with all of our windows and doors made with Super Spacer as apart of the glass package.

Super Spacer has one of the best Argon resistant bondline adhesives that keep gases in your window – longer. This tight bond results in lower U-Values and higher energy savings.

Glass Performance Options

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