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Modern Design Ideas with Glass Block Windows

By January 12, 2015 Uncategorized
Luxury bathroom window

Installing glass block windows has a ton of advantages. To start with, you’re adding energy efficient windows that will reduce solar heat due to the insulative properties of glass block. Secondly, they’re beautiful pieces of glass that come in a variety of colors and designs, such as windows with a slight wave or ribbing in the glass, window that help block out the brightness of the sun, or windows with a glacial icy frost. But where do you install them? We’ve got ideas on how to give your home a modern twist using these sumptuous windows to enhance the natural beauty of your home.

Bars and Kitchen Islands: While glass block windows don’t immediately say “kitchen,” think outside the box for a moment. If you have a wet bar, kitchen island, or some other kind of standing bar fixture, use a short glass block wall as a way to make it stand out. Because glass blocks are usually put together with mortar (like a brick wall), you’re simply adjoining the glass block to the existing structure. Now there’s a bar worth pulling up a stool for!

Entryways and Doors: They say always make a great first impression. By embedding glass blocks into your entryway, you’ll do exactly that. It’s a contemporary twist on sidelights, but lets in natural light instead of using energy­sucking artificial light. Moreover, the textured finish of the blocks still allows for privacy. If your doorway or entryway is small, consider them above the door, where they’ll still let in that light, even if it’s to a smaller degree.

Decks: Are you planning to rebuild your deck? Make it truly stand out by adding sections of glass block. Doing so will break up darker woods and deck materials visually so the space feels lighter and brighter. Most likely you’ll need to install glass pavers, which are slightly different from glass blocks, but the design you’ll achieve in the process will be nothing short of gorgeous.

Gardens: Break up several types of flora and fauna with glass blocks. If you have doubts, think of it like hanging modern art, but in the yard. By defining a patio space with these blocks, you’ll enhance any other stonework in the yard and give your landscape a visual counterpoint. Mix and match different sizes for a truly architectural feel.

Room Divider: In large, open spaces, sometimes it helps to create two separate spaces, like in a living room that just sort of flows into another room or dining room. Use a wall of glass blocks like you would a room divider, but instead of ugly screens, you’ll be looking at beautiful glass. It’s a unique design element that also lets light filter in. So if your room gets a lot of natural sunlight, you’ll get even more of it through the glass and make both spaces you separated look larger in the process.

Bathrooms: Typically, if you see a home with glass block windows, you’re often likely to find them here due to the privacy they provide. However, just because it’s where they end up being in the most doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with them. Instead of just having them serve as windows, use a panel of blocks to create your shower. They’re easy to clean and offer an interesting take on glass shower doors.

Windows: Of course, you can always add glass block windows as replacement windows! Great as a feature or accent, glass block windows are excellent additions to bathrooms, guest rooms, doorways, and more. Block styles range from wavy and ribbed to glacier or frosted glass. Choose windows that promote solar heat reduction, such as those with the ENERGY STAR ® label. Alternately, find windows that use SunBlock, with combines solar reduction with insulative powers, so you get the most energy efficient window possible. This way, you can enjoy these rooms with them heating up too much, as well as cut down on energy bills in the winter by taking advantage of their insulating properties.

Where would you install glass block windows in your home?

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