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How to Refresh Your Home’s Entrance

By October 13, 2015 Uncategorized
Suburban home with flowered landscaping and front porch

The front of your home is what visitors see first. What better way to make a first impression than to make the entrance to your home stand out? Here are a few ways you can make the entrance to your home sparkle and shine again. 

Add color. From flowers to plants to the door itself, color is the thing that can set your home apart. While the rest of your home’s exterior may be painted a subtle beige, you can be creative with a burnt red or deep blue door that signals your home is special. If you don’t feel like color will benefit, at least give the door and porch a fresh coat of paint.


Get a new door. Replacing the front door is important if it’s seen wear and tear, especially weather damage. If you’re looking to replace the door entirely, consider installing storm doors. Made with an aluminum main frame, heavy duty hinges, and weather stripping for draft protection, storm doors are especially important in protecting your home’s entryway when there’s heavy rain, storms and snow.


Mix it up with glass block. While glass block windows can work in any room, they’re particularly appealing on the front door, as they combine allure with sophistication. There are energy efficiency options that provide great thermal protection as well.  They’re lightweight and scratch resistant, as well as easy to clean and maintain — always a plus with the front door. Additionally, they offer color on top of the structural and thermal functionality similar to traditionally dual glazed windows. Glass block windows can be used in conjunction with other window and door products to add some extra flair to your home.


Include flora and fauna. Planting some flowers in front of your home will give it both color and texture. Find perennials you can water easily and keep blooming all summer long and plant them by the door. Keep any other shrubs or hedges nearby neat and trim. If you don’t feel you’re much of a green thumb, even a small potted plant or two in vibrant colors can really elevate the front of the house from blah to interesting.


Fix and repair the small things. If something out front needs to be replaced, do it! For example, if the doorbell is busted, repair or replace it. Replace the cracked screen and fix up the door handle. Make sure it’s not squeaking or creaking. If you have outdoor light fixtures, like a light right by the door, switch out the bulbs (especially if you’re using old ones) for environmentally friendly compact fluorescent bulbs. Repair cracks in the concrete driveway or stairs leading up to the door. Finally, throw down a clean doormat to provide a upbeat and warm welcome to visitors who visit your lovely home.


What have you done to spruce up the entrance to your home this summer? Share it in the comments below!


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