What Does Your Dream Space look like? Building and Experiencing the Real Beauty of Bay Windows

By March 25, 2015 Uncategorized
Dream home

Imagine a living room flush with natural light. Or waking up in the morning to soft sunlight streaming through your billowing curtains. Your backyard is full of gorgeous flora and fauna worth observing every day. In your hectic life, you’re typically too busy to enjoy it, and you’ve only got a few moments in a day to take it all in. With bay windows, the dream of a beautiful space can be realized. Here’s how you can enhance your home’s exterior and interior while adding value to its overall price, just with the installment of stunning bay windows.

So, What Are Bay Windows?

Bay windows are actually three windows that connect along the vertical edges, jutting out from the wall of your house. Since bay windows are angled to the outside, it lets people inside see views from multiple angles, as opposed to just one direct view looking out. This allows for more open space within, and may even offer a window seat or extra counter or shelf space, depending on the window.

Natural Light Benefits

Installing bay windows increases the amount of natural light in your home. The panes of glass in varying directions mean that light is coming from everywhere, so it floods the room with this natural light. It’s often cited as the best possible lighting, and it helps cut down on electricity bills because you’re not forced to use as much artificial light. Plus, it makes any room feel cozier and brighter at the same time. And if you’re dealing with a smaller space, it helps brighten and expand the room so it seems less dim.

How It Raises Your Home’s Value

Bay windows are elegant and stylish. This aesthetic appeal helps increase home values exponentially, especially windows installed in the front of the home, or in the back where the best views are. The extra dimension they add to the exterior, however, extends to the inside of the home. As mentioned earlier, they help smaller rooms feel more spacious, which is extremely valuable from a selling perspective. They also become high selling points as places where people can really live ­­ drinking a cup of coffee while enjoy the garden, or reading a favorite book in the sun.

Fitting Bay Windows for Your Home

The first place you want to start with is size. Bigger windows mean bigger benefits, but they will cost more upfront. Next comes materials ­­ vinyl windows are pretty much maintenance free, whereas wood needs a bit of upkeep, and clad windows blend the best of both worlds. Then, consider how much you can afford in energy efficient features, like triple­paned windows, argon­filled windows, or low e­glazed windows that let in solar heat in the winter and reflect it in the summer. Furthermore, you’ll want to add window treatment, particularly because the extra light can really heat things up in the summer months.

What’s the most important thing to remember about bay windows? Location, location, location. Be sure to place your bay windows in the best possible area ­­ somewhere with lots of sunlight, but where the light from the windows won’t make a room heat up or cool down too dramatically. That’s why you usually find them in living rooms or master bedrooms. They also help create a focal point on the exterior of the house,
so they need to be placed where the exterior appearance is improved. You also want to find windows with low e-­coatings, multiple panes, and other energy efficient features.

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