9 Quick and Dirty Tips to Winterize Your Home

By December 15, 2015 Uncategorized
Master bath in new construction home with marble tile tub

With winter well underway, it might seem like a battle to keep your house warm. However, there are lot of ways you can stay toasty without having to bundle up — and save money to boot! Read these 9 quick and dirty tips to winterize your home until springtime weather thaws out the freeze:

  • Change your furnace filters. Replacing or cleaning your furnace filters once a month or so when you’re using your heater the most is important. That’s because having a dirty filter can restrict airflow and put more demand on your furnace. Think about switching to a permanent filter, such as a HEPA or electrostatic filter that’s better at trapping debris and controlling mold, pollen, and so on.
  1. Turn down your water heater. Lowering your temperature to 120 degrees F instead of the typical 140 degrees F, you can reduce water heating costs by up to 10 percent. Alternately, you may want to consider splurging on a solar water heater, which can earn you tax credits for next year.
  1. Eliminate draft. The U.S. Department estimates that drafts in your home can waste anywhere between five to 30 percent of your energy use. In a pinch, you can place a rolled bath towel under a drafty door until you can get it fixed.
  1. Reverse your fans. Did you know your ceiling fan comes with a switch that reverses its direction? The clockwise rotation can help make the room warmer, as air that rises to the ceiling is circulated back into your living space and helping cut down on heating costs.
  1. Watch the thermostat. Leaving the house? Turn down the heat! It’s one of the best ways to save money. For every degree you lower the thermostat, you’ll save one to three percent on your heating bill. Programmable or smart thermostats make it even easier to track.
  1. Put on a sweater. The cheapest and quickest way to stay warm, putting on a sweater (or a blanket or jacket) while you’re inside can help you keep the thermostat down and save you money in the long run.
  1. Replace inefficient windows. Drafty windows, or windows with single glass pane, don’t keep heat in the house as well as high performing double and triple-paned windows. Look for energy efficient windows with high performance technology and insulation to reduce condensation. Energy Star-certified windows are your best bet.
  1. Drain your air conditioner pipes. If your A/C has a water shutoff valve, you can turn that off. Remove window A/C units and store them away to help cut down on cold drafts. You can even turn off hoses and exterior spigots to seal any potential water leaks.
  1. Use an energy monitor. Want to see where your money is being spent? Measure what you’re spending with an energy monitor. These devices can indicate electrical usage in real time and help you find ways to cut down on your monthly utility bill.

What are your tips to help keep the heat in your home?