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What’s New in Window Coverings

By December 2, 2015 Uncategorized
Royal Casement windows

When renovating or redecorating your house, it’s easy to forget that windows are an important part of the room. Don’t neglect your windows! By leaving them alone, you’re denying yourself the opportunity to add depth and style.

When the window treatments in your home have seen sunnier days, try injecting a little life with one of these window covering ideas.

Consider color. One of the latest trends has been to incorporate blues and other oceanic hues into window treatments. Think teal, soft green, light blue, and aquamarine. Another trendy option is soft, subtle hues like dusty grays, blush, and lavenders. Whether in curtains or glass blocks, colorful windows let your personality shine while bringing together the room.  

Live luxuriously. Silks, velvets, damasks — they’re all fabrics that have grown in popularity. These luxurious fabrics are enough to stand out on their own, so it’s best to stick to a simpler design. However, this trend lends itself to a rococo influence, so if you love embellishments like beaded tassels and sparkling crystals, then go for it!

Add hardware. An easy element to add is decorative hardware. Take in the elements that make up your room, and decide if you’ll add hardware with metallic undertones and sparkle, or if you’ll embrace natural textures like wood and sustainable bamboo. Whichever style you prefer, hardware elevates the window and the ambiance of the space.

Keep it sleek. Contemporary designs deserve a contemporary look. Consider  natural woven shades in bamboo-blinds like this let in diffused light so you can see what’s happening outside without opening the window and sacrificing privacy. Moreover, sleek silhouettes like this give the window a clean look, allowing the window’s features to take center stage.

Some window and door products are available with blinds between the glass giving you the option for custom sized blinds, but without having to worry about dusting them.  {link to NT Window product}

Automate your windows. Motorized window treatments no longer need electricians. New technologies allow for your windows to be integrated into a home automation system like Nest. Plus, there’s the chance you can control it from your phone or tablet by installing the right app. All it takes to lower and raise a shade is a text!

Energy efficiency. Much like home automation, there are solutions for energy efficient design. Keep the cool weather in during summer and out during the winter with windows that eliminate air and water penetration. Through fusion welding, weatherstripping, dual and triple glaze glass with insulating gases like Argon and Krypton, you have plenty of energy saving options.  

Whatever your taste or style, there are many options available to enhance your room design with window coverings. What’s your favorite window treatment trend? Share it with us below.

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