BetterVue Screens

BetterVue Screens

Bettervue Screen

NT Window is proud to offer our customers the very best materials for your new windows.  With this in mind, it was a easy choice to offer the very best in screens  to you, our customers. BetterVue Screens offer you the very best in quality, longevity and allow you to have clearer views – with the screens in the windows.

What isBetterVue?

BetterVue®  is a window screen system with Water Shed Technology™ (Patent Pending) preserves optical clarity by shedding water and resisting dirt and grime for a sharp, more brilliant outward view. BetterVue Screens are standard with Traditions, Solar Pro and Myriad Screen Rooms.

BetterVue VS Standard Screen

BetterVue® insect screening with Water Shed Technology™ coating repels water, prevents dirt and debris from staying on the screen and remains cleaner longer.

  • Excellent visibility from inside improves your view
  • Improved light transmittance
  • Better curb appeal when viewing the from the street
  • Excellent insect protection due to 30% smaller openings than standard screens
  • Improved airflow as a result of increased openness
  • Watershed Technology gives you a clear view for the life of the product by repelling water and resisting dirt and grime, making them much less likely to accumulate on the screen
  • GREENGUARD certified

See Our BetterVue Screen In Action

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