Dealer Service Requests

Dealer Service Requests

In order to serve you better we have streamlined the warranty service process.

Please Note: This is the only way to submit a service request.

Instructions on How to
Complete the Warranty Service Form

Select Dealer/Retailer/Builder
Enter the service information here. Include your inspection notes, and be sure to include Line Item Number(s) of affected items and any additional information that may be helpful to us.
Input the Homeowner’s Name and Contact Information here
Enter the Homeowner/Service Address here
Enter the Original Order Information here. Place the Order Number in the MFG Reference Number Box
Enter the Dealer or Distributor contact name and email for this request
Select who installed the product: Retailer/Dealer or Distributor Customer/Contractor
Upload photos
After verifying that all information is correct, please click send. You will get a confirmation email sent to the email you provided in the Store Contact Section of this form.

To Submit your Service Request you’ll simply fill out the service form online and in just a few clicks you’re done.  This will allow us to process requests quickly.

Before Submitting Your Service Request Please Note:

  • Units must be Inspected by the Dealer/Installer to confirm the issue(s) are a Warrantied Item and follow ALL Manufacturing Guide Lines abide by Our Visual Inspection Criteria. If there is a False Claim, the Customer will be responsible for the cost of any parts/materials and Labor used after the item/issue is reviewed and concluded as a Non-Warranted Item
  • All Claims submitted must have our Original Order # filled out (in MFG Ref Number Section)
  • All Claims submitted must have the Line(s) associated visible (Can follow Order# as “ – Line# “ or can be noted in the “reason for Calling” Section)
  • Any Warranty Submission with Service not being requested and only the parts to be shipped directly to the Dealer needs to go through a Customer Service Rep and not Warranty Service
Ready to Submit a Service Request? Click Here.