Glass Breakage Warranty

NT Window is proud to offer a Glass Breakage Warranty to customers who want the additional coverage.  See below for specifics of coverage.

Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty

NT Window will warrant the insulated glass, manufactured by NT Window, and outsourced insulated glass used in replacement windows and new construction windows for the lifetime of the original homeowners. In the case of new construction windows, this warranty is valid for the original, new homeowner.

This warranty covers breakage for as long as the original resident purchaser resides in the home in which the windows were installed. Breakage attributed to improper installation, fire, flood, acts of God, riot or civil disorder, or building settlement will not be covered under this Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty.

Any claim for defect under this Warranty should be submitted to NT Window, 2900 W Seminary Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76133. The claim must have the original date of purchase and the original invoice number for the window. A copy of the warranty must be included.

Labor costs are not included under this warranty. Neither NT Window, the above manufacturers, nor the contractor will be responsible for any costs incurred in the removal, replacement installation or reinstalling of the insulated glass unit.

Repair Procedure
Replacement parts will be shipped to the nearest NT Window, distributor or dealer and must be picked up by the customer. Shipping and handling charges, where applicable, will be the responsibility of the customer.

NT Window shall not be liable to property owner for incidental or consequential damage for breach of any written or implied warranty on insulating glass units.

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