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How to Make a Small Space Feel More Open

Is limited space cramping your style? Making the best use of space is important. With smart styling, you can transform your small space into a comfy, functional oasis. Explore ways to make a small space seem more open.


Lacking space? Strike a good balance using windows, paint, and furniture to make your small space more open and inviting. See how this trio can transform your small space to seem more open.


Windows: Welcome in natural light

When it comes to making your small space look more open, maximize the light – especially if you have lots of windows. Windows play an important role, from welcoming in natural light to the right window installation. Hanging your curtain rod close to the ceiling and extending it wider than the window can make your windows look larger.


In addition to welcoming in natural light to create an airy, open, and inviting space. Bay and Bow windows can make space feel roomier. A natural lit room can provide plentiful sunlight, a picturesque view, and a sense of spaciousness. NT Window offers a variety of opacity levels to meet your window style and privacy needs.


Paint: Make your room look bigger and brighter

Painting your walls a light, cooler color can make your room look bigger, brighter, and more inviting. White or pale hues provide a classic look and reflect light well, which makes a small room feel more open and airy – a perfect complement to most furniture and home decor accessories.


Painting the trim a slightly lighter color than the walls can create the illusion of more depth in the space for a roomier feel. Glossy paint also provides a mirror-like finish that also adds depth. Consider taking your decorating to the next level with a striped accent wall. Wide, neutral-colored horizontal stripes can make a tight space feel spacious. Painting stripes on a wall, whether vertical or horizontal, can visually expand or elongate a space.


Furniture: Achieve a more spacious feel

Decorating and arranging a small space can be a challenge. Furniture for a small space is all about proportions. Arranging and removing furniture can help achieve a more spacious feel. Expand the look and feel of your space by adding a mirror. Mirrors reflect natural and artificial light well. Placing a mirror where it will reflect the light from a window can make a room feel brighter, more open, and create the illusion of more depth in the space – giving you the sense of roominess that you desire.


Declutter your space using hidden storage or multi-functional furniture for a more open, orderly feel. Show off furniture legs of sofa, chair and ottoman. Furniture without upholstery on the base helps open up the room visually. While rearranging furniture away from walls and walkways can make your space feel a bit more expansive.


We hope these tips will spark more creative ideas you can use to make your home more beautiful and comfortable.

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