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Midnight Stunner: Black Windows are More Popular Than Ever.

Traditions Windows in Midnight

Enhance the beauty and comfort of your home with Custom Windows in Black.

High-quality windows and doors from NT Window are perfect for creating a comfortable and stylish home. Additionally, Vivid Color™ by NT Window offers window and door coatings that come in almost any color for endless design choices. Our high-quality, custom made windows and doors can give your home an added sense of character and timelessness. With the introduction of our black color option in our premium vinyl window lines, you can enjoy a fresh and modern look with windows in our Midnight color.

There are many reasons why windows in the color black are popular. Homeowners who lean toward this window color usually:

    • Want to make a bold statement and add amazing curb appeal to their home.
    • Want to enhance the modern design and aesthetic of the home.
    • Want their windows to stand on their own, most homeowners opt for no or minimal window treatments making the windows a staple in their home design.

Make the Choice to Stand Out. When it comes to windows and doors for your new home or replacement project, enjoy a clean, modern look that makes a bold statement with our windows in our Vivid Color™ Midnight color option. Vivid Color™ from NT Window is one of the first color-coating systems that offered water-based, high performance coatings in the industry. With NT Window, you can choose from an array of glass, design, and performance options to enhance your view, inside and out.

As a leading window manufacturer of aluminum and vinyl windows, doors and sunrooms, serving the replacement and new construction markets, our coatings are water based, and EPA compliant, ensuring that it will maintain its integrity with limited environmental impact – keeping you and your family safe from unnecessary chemicals.

AAMA approved and ASTM tested, our water based paint is the safest high-performance finish you’ll find. You’ll enjoy a brilliant color treatment that is heat resistant, energy efficient and colorfast. Our Vivid Color™ Coating System truly offers a fully comprehensive exterior color solution for your home.

Vivid Color™ from NT Window offers a high-color and gloss retention, and a 15-year warranty. Plus, its lead-free, Low VOC / EPA compliant, non-flammable and UV resistance. With NT Window products, you can easily create the look and select the comfort level you want to experience in your home.

Turn your view – inside and out –into a beautiful statement with our vinyl windows in Midnight. Ready to get started? GET A QUOTE

Image Credit: Installation in photo completed by Brennan Enterprises, Arlington TX

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