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4 Ways Replacement Windows Can Increase Property Value

By July 20, 2016 Replacement Windows
Replacement windows

There are many modifications you can make to your home to increase its value. Painting, remodeling and room additions come to mind. But there are few upgrades that will allow you to recoup or even surpass your investment. Installing replacement windows can do that for you all while increasing the value of your property. Here are 4 ways that replacement windows increase property value.


Many buyers are conscience of the overall-energy efficiency of their home. By simply replacing inefficient windows in your home, you not only increase its overall energy efficiency, but you can significantly increase your overall comfort level. Homes with drafty, single-pane windows can especially benefit from replacement. These windows tend to be poor insulators, allowing the hot and cold in during the summer and winter months. This alone significantly increases cooling and heating costs.

Homeowners can reduce these costs by several hundred dollars a year by installing more energy efficient windows. As long as Energy Star qualified windows are used, a “green” energy tax credit can also be obtained. These energy benefits greatly increase the value of your property.


You can increase the value of older homes with wood windows by replacing them with modern window materials. Wood windows require periodic maintenance because of exposure to the elements. They need to be cleaned, sanded and painted regularly. When exposed to high levels of moisture, wood windows may also begin to rot. Modern wood materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, or composite do not face these same issues. They are weather resistant and never need to be repainted. Since these materials cut back maintenance time and cost, they are a valuable asset to homeowners.


A home’s exterior can often get a boost from the installation of replacement windows. It’s a common misconception that vinyl and fiberglass windows don’t offer the same aesthetic value as wood windows. The truth is that when it comes to modern windows, there are variety of colors and designs to choose from. For example, vinyl windows can be manufactured with a wood grain appearance. When you choose your replacement windows, just make sure that they match your existing style and color scheme.

Replacement windows can also improve the looks of a home’s interior. Specially treated glass allows natural light into the home while keeping the heat of the day outside. Natural light goes a long way to make the space inside the home feel bigger. New windows can also provide expansive views. For example, casement windows open on their sides via hinges and do not have a dividing bar in the middle to block the view. Great views from the inside and out translate to a higher property value.


Just as single-pane windows are not effective temperature regulators, they also do little to keep noise outside of your home. The amount of sound a window can block out is determined by its STC rating or sound transmission class. Single-pane windows have an STC rating of about 27 and normal speech can be heard through them. Double and triple-pane windows have higher STC ratings and can keep your home much quieter. A home with higher STC rated windows will often command a higher value than those with lower quality windows.

From energy savings to a quieter home, replacement windows do a lot to increase the value of your home. The great thing is that replacement windows are a great long-term investment. They are durable enough to last for years to come, and they also retain their value well.

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