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Tips for Planning Your Home Remodeling Project, Part 2

By April 18, 2016 Uncategorized
Family room in new construction home with two story stone fireplace

Planning Your Home Reno: Unpacking your goals and setting the budget! In this two part series, we’re sharing our tips on how to thoughtfully plan your upcoming renovation. Read Part 1 first – it’s all about planning.  Now, let’s discuss your vision and budget!


This is the step where you’ll want to define the desired goal in mind. So let’s revisit that Pinterest board, shall we?  Once you’ve decided what project needs attention, you can start building your vision for the space around it. Having a Pinterest board dedicated to the renovation area is a great way to get the creative juices flowing, get inspiration, and discover new trends. After you’ve pinned everything that you want, go ahead and review the board. Look for themes and consistency among the photos. If you’re plan is to remodel your kitchen, have you noticed that you’ve pinned several custom countertops and farmhouse sinks? Indulge these subtle hints so you can understand and embrace your sense of style. Pinterest is not the only place you can see inspiring photos. Get your hands on magazines to help you better visualize your project.

Tip: Keep all your planning virtual with Evernote or a similar application. Evernote has a web-clipper extension for your browser that enables you to save web content to your account. Dedicate a whole notebook to your 2016 renovation. And, what’s more is that you can download the app on all your devices, so your plans are always accessible.

Lastly, go window shopping (online or in-store). See if your community has any local showrooms, or home shows that you can participate in. Focus on creating an experience around the renovation, so you can get a feel for what you like and what you don’t like. Make note of all the components that you believe will make your renovation a success. If you’re online, take a screenshot of the image or pin it to your board and if you’re out snap a picture with your phone or camera. It’s so important to catalog these visuals as they will guide you through the process. Make note of the pins and photos that stand out and take to your pen and notepad and form a Wishlist.

Tip: Compliment your online findings by creating an organized binder dedicated to this project.


Budget for the worse. There is always going to be something unexpected that pops up. You’ve seen the HGTV shows. Someone always runs into a bit of a pickle regarding unplanned costs. To avoid that scenario, plan to use about 80% of your budget and reserve the rest for possible emergencies. If there are none, simply incorporate that reserve back into the budget.

Tip: Be sure to check out the handy apps we pointed out in Part 1 of this series before you dive into this.

Start the process by taking your Wishlist and the ballpark budget you created earlier. It’s time to refine those ballpark numbers with actual costs. So research the items that are needed. Shop around a bit and see if there are more cost effective options as well. Document all of this information. Next, reach out to a few contractors for quotes. Compare the quotes and determine your overall spending limit.

Once you’ve determined a spending limit, accept the bid for the contractor that is most appropriate for your budget and overall preferences.

Tip: When working with contractors, be sure to explain your project thoroughly. When entertaining bids, ask for references and to see their recent work. And if you don’t accept a bid, always be sure to send the bidder a nice note letting them know you went in a different direction. They prepared a complimentary quote for you – it’s just common courtesy.

Now that you have your ducks in a row and you’ve got a clarity on your vision, the plan and your budget – it’s time for implementation. Implementation is nothing more than following your outline.

Be sure to stay focused and stay flexible and really communicate with your contractors.  Put everything in writing so that you are on the same page. Set clear goals and track your milestones.

You’ve got this in the bag.


Ready to get started?

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