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9 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Front Entry for Spring

By February 26, 2016 Uncategorized
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Spring is nearly here, and what better way to welcome the season than by bringing in some new decor? Check out these nine wonderful ways to decorate your front door and entryway for spring, from traditional wreaths and beyond:

  1. Use paper: Make a unique wreath by crafting rolled scrapbooking paper. Pastel colors are the perfect choice for spring (think bright daffodil yellows, soft pinks, and luscious teal). Cut the paper into small squares and roll them to mimic flower petals, then secure each roll with tape or glue. Then hot glue the rolled squares to a wreath-sized circle, starting around the outer edge in a circular pattern until you’ve hit the middle.
  1. April showers: Take an umbrella and transform it into a cute holder for springtime things. Take a closed umbrella and tie a large ribbon around it, then fill the umbrella with tissue paper. Round it out with twigs, moss, large stemmed flowers like tulips, and other natural elements.
  1. Celebrate Easter: Craft a vibrant basket display, complete with eggs, to signal springtime at your door. Use a basket with a flat side that lays flat against the door and decorate any way you like with festive ribbons. Add flowers, painted eggs, and wheatgrass in lieu of “easter” basket grass.
  1. Hang a garland: Whether it’s Easter egg inspired or in the shape of other springtime creatures like ducks, birds, bunnies, and flowers, a garland is an easy craft to help welcome friends and family into your home. Cut shapes from thick white cardstock and paint your shapes however you like. Once each one is dry, attach them together along the length of sturdy twine and hang across your door window or front.
  1. Repurpose your rain boots: When you’re not using them — or when you outgrow your rain boots (or your kids outgrow theirs) — turn them into works of art on the front door. Fill them with green foam so that flowers, real or fake, can stand upright.
  1. Bundle a wreath: Why buy one at the store when you can your own rustic creation? Make your own wreath by bundling twigs together, hot-gluing to keep them together, then connecting with twine. Try adding small bird ornaments or tiny flowers intertwined inside the wreath.
  1. Sumptuous succulents: Succulents are excellent, hearty plants to have around the house. They don’t need much water and grow vertically, making them perfect for door decor. Look for a monogram shape you can plant a variety of succulents in and hang on the door!
  1. Frame it: Take an old picture frame (or buy one on the cheap) and fill the border with beautiful crafted flowers made from scraps. Just make or gather as many fabric flowers as possible, then hot glue them to the frame and hang on the front door. Choose a couple of neutrals, like white and light brown, and add vibrant pinks, emerald greens, and periwinkle blues to make the colors pop.
  1. Bottle bouquets: Got any glass bottles lying around the kitchen? Put them to use by the door by repurposing them into living vases with fresh spring flowers. Be sure to keep water inside for the flowers, and find very strong wire you can use to tie the bottles. This works best with a picket fence door or some other kind of wood that allows you to tie the wire in the back so the bottles remain still.

Decorating is a great way to switch things up a bit and usher in the new season, and decorating your entryway is a great place to start.  Need more inspiration?  Visit our curated Pinterest Board for more design ideas!


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