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Here Comes The Sun: Design Ideas For Your Sunroom Space

By February 9, 2015 Uncategorized

Building a sunroom is an amazing addition to any home. Whether it’s converting a porch into an indoor space or using an extra room in your house as a place where you can relax surrounded by natural light, a sunroom is a great way to indulge on the weekends and enjoy the sunshine. Here are just a few creative ideas you can consider and make great use of that amazing space.

  • Super Cool Playroom: Are you a parent to little ones running around, or do you have nephews and nieces over frequently? You can convert your sunroom space into an amazing play area. You’ll want to set it up so it’s safe, but by adding a comfortable couch, art supplies, and the right playthings, you can create a fun and creative space for the little ones you love most.
  • Island Girl? How About Beach Inspired: Whether you live by the beach or miss it year round, pick pale blues and sea greens as the colors for your converted space. Sprinkle in beach accents like seashells and hurricane candles, or put up beach decor you’ve gathered from previous trip and give them a new place to live.
  • Cozy Library: Out of room for all your books in the rest of the house? Purchase a few simple bookshelves and stock up on your favorite paperbacks. Set up the space so you have several comfortable seats to choose from when you come in to enjoy the sun and curl up with a great book.
  • Entertaining Space: Do you plan a lot of parties? Is your home on the smaller side? Are you living in a warmer climate where eating in the sunroom will be a pleasant change from inside the dining room? Consider a dining table set for entertaining company or eating with your family. Long tables with benches are popular right now, but traditional dining sets made of luxe woods or fine metals are also always in season.
  • Embrace Monochromatic Design: If you’ve got stunning views, let your backyard do the talking, and focus on decorating your sunroom within the spectrum of a single color. Sometimes, monochromatic looks don’t always work with other spaces because of your furniture. But out here, an entirely blue room is more likely to make sense. Be sure to explore all depths and hues of your color of choice!
  • A Resting Place: Traditionally set up outside between trees, the size of your sunroom might be perfect for setting up a hammock. Avoid the elements but enjoy a nap in the sun by installing two sturdy hooks from the ceiling or walls. It’s bound to be a conversation piece and a favorite of guests, especially little kids.
  • Create a Mini Greenhouse: Don’t let your plants just sit outside ­­ bring them into your home as well. Plant garden boxes that are perched by the windows, or buy larger plants that can handle the heat and need less water, like bamboo. If you love cooking, put together an herb box so you never have to run to the grocery store for rosemary again. The plentiful sunshine will have your garden blooming in no time.
  • Man Cave: Now, it might sound crazy to set up a man cave in the least “cave” like place possible. But with a wet bar and flat screen TVs, there’s no reason you can’t set up oversized chairs and a mini fridge in the sunroom to use for game days, video game tournaments, and beyond.

What creative design ideas have you used in your sunroom?

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