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Start Planning for Your Sunroom Redo

By March 4, 2016 Uncategorized
Myriad Front Sunroom

Sunrooms…those beautiful window-wrapped spaces you turn into the room of your dreams, are an excellent add-on that combine natural light and casual living.  But let’s say you already have one and want an upgrade, or are considering refurbishing an older sunroom-like space into something more modern. Read on to find out what you need to do to plan for a sunroom redo.

What do you want out of your sunroom? Does your current sunroom suit your needs? How many people will typically enjoy it — more or less than what you’re used to? Did you want to use it as a cool playroom for the kids or grandkids, or more of an upscale entertaining space? However you answer will influence your choices moving forward. For example, a conversion from playspace to “man cave” will require flat screen TVs and comfy couches versus a small furniture and bins for toys.


Redo the structure. Harsh weather conditions may mean it’s time to think about replacing the structural elements of the sunroom, like the roof or panels. Look for durable systems that exceed industry standards to cut down on future costs. Also read up on options like storm doors, thicker glass, and durable screens and or energy efficient entry or sliding doors.


Choose a color palette. If the sunroom hasn’t been updated in a while, now is your chance to make the entire room a cohesive part of your home. Is the rest of your house decorated in cool neutrals? Carry the palette throughout into the sunroom by picking complimentary shades. Are you trying something different overall, like a complete re-theme? Select colors that help communicate the style and mood you wish to evoke. A sunroom with a beach theme calls for soft blues, whereas an after-dinner entertainment space might beg for bolder hues.


Treat your windows. The constant stream of sunlight means you need the right window treatments to control the space. Moreover, think about the way you want to use your sunroom. Is it going to be a reading spot? Then you may want to look into installing window seats. Alternately, you can consider a number of different shades and blinds that can provide more privacy.


Pick the right floors and fabrics. Again, with the sun coming down on your furniture, along with easy access to the outdoors, you’ll want to choose tougher fabrics that resist fading and stains. (Don’t forget wet bathing suits from pools!) If you’ll be coming in and out of the sunroom a lot, flooring needs to stand up to dirt, sand, and moisture as well. Shop around for ceramic, stone tile, or porcelain floors that can withstand the wear and offer easy cleaning. If you live in a colder winter climate, think about heat beneath the flooring to make the sunroom comfortable year-round.


Consider lighting. Has there been a place in the past to plug in light fixtures? If not, now’s the time for change. Think about the general placement of electric lighting for nighttime, as well as for electronics. Some roof systems are equipped with a fully integrated electrical system. Remember that open windows provide ventilation, but ceiling fans may be of more help during hot summer months.

If you’re planning to add a new sunroom to your home, or want to convert a porch or outdoor space into a cozy entertaining space for your family – contact our remodeling experts for a free estimate.

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